It is so evident that there are so many sick twisted teachers out there. The evidence is abound at how these people along with supporters in politics, and other areas teach these people in deception to keep the parents out and not knowing what they say to their kids.

Even at the highest level in government the president also talks about this kind of thing live on camera in a press conference with teachers. This whole system is so sick and disgusting. The teachers, the universities and their entire curriculum, their supporters, and anyone else deciding to defend them need to be removed from working with children for life, investigated, and charged with anything that remotely looks like grooming.

There must not be any exception of any kind. These people must go down and down hard, like on their face a thousand times publicly to make sure this kind of shit never happens again. How can anyone hurt a child, groom a child for being hurt, or anything that remotely harms a child? Whom ever does this kind of thing is in league with the devil for sure. There is absolutely no excuse or reasoning possible for anything of this like.

There is a case in court now where a certain person in the media doxxed an account on TikTok for exposing sick grooming Teachers. These teachers were fired and surely black listed, I hope. Now the media is supporting this kind of sick behavior. I hope this gives enough proof that the whole teaching system needs to be burned to the ground permanently. All involved must retire no matter how long they were in the system. Administrator, janitors, teachers, all must go. There is no way in telling who is corrupt or not and the consequences are to dire not to make this happen.

Read all the article below which will show the depravity in the current teaching system in this country. If you look there are so very many more. We have many articles on this site about this abhorrent deranged behavior.

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