Every single day in America children are being taught that ALL whites are oppressors and ALL blacks are oppressed. And whatever a black person does to a white person, the white person deserved it.

Beating this into every child’s head every day, all day is yet another reason to keep your kids out of the grubby paws of public education.

The video below demonstrates what government schools are like these days. Twitter apparatchiks censored it like they did with the version featured at The Blaze but we have uploaded this copy so you can see for yourself what has begun to grip our local schools:

I want you to imagine a teacher, journalist or better yet, Nancy Pelosi in the background cheering the bully on the bully while screeching about how the little white girl deserves this treatment for the past sins of her race and culture, regurgitating the same CRT rhetoric you hear from the talking heads on MSNBC. This video sums up the current state of race relations being taught to your children.

Local media has the nerve to describe this simply as a “physical altercation”:

According to a report from the Beaufort Police Department, two sixth graders at Lady’s Island Middle School got into a physical altercation in the girls’ locker room Thursday as another student filmed the encounter on Snapchat.

The video shows one of the students holding the other by the hair, knocking her to the floor twice and kicking her, according to the police report. The officer said it appears the student hit her head on a concrete wall and her arm on a wooden bench as she fell to the ground. The student used threatening language and expletives against the other, the officer added.

The video of the assault was taken by a third student, at the request of the suspect in the assault and that speaks volumes. It shows that the student committing the assault not only saw her actions as justified but wanted to share it out of some sense of pride.

The good news is, the victim’s parents have pressed charges, rather than cowering in the fear of being denounced as racists.

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By Jaz McKay

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