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Well well well will you look at that. The Republicans are finally getting of their collective asses and attempting to do something.

These feckless pieces of absolute garbage are either trying to eliminate problems or make it look like they are eliminating problems. I just hope this is honest true efforts because the way things are going they will all be charged with treason, misappropriation of treason, and sedition to say the least.

You see when a person sees a crime happen it is their duty to do what they can to stop it and report it. Either by calling the police, brandishing a weapon and stopping the perpetrator, discouraging the finishing execution of the crime, and anything else. But in a safe way that will not put them in harms way. But this goes especially for government workers. If they do nothing while knowingly allowing the execution of said crimes they are culpable and even can be charged with aiding of said crimes.

These people really don’t seem to understand this and the public does not seem to understand this as well. This is why I have said in previous article that everyone in government at all levels should be removed. I think we will all live without our local so called leaders and the rest of the bunch for a while. We just need to set a few things on auto pilot.

Once the necessary things have been set on auto pilot then the dismissal of every single government worker and every level needs to take place. Then after a rigorous few rounds of information sessions we go and vote for our new politicians. But these people will need to have a new set of rules making sure they cannot over power us as citizens.

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House Republicans Seek to Bankrupt Corporate-Funded NGOs Aiding Biden’s ‘Mass Invasion’

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