Car BreathalyzerCar Breathalyzer

You think your safe from the common cold, I mean COVID. You think things will get back to “normal”. Well think again, it ain’t gonna go back to normal not with this tyrannical government in power.

Well now you be assured when you go to your car in the morning you cannot spread your germs to your co-workers. You will need to blow into the breathalyzer and be a negative result. Forget having the wife or kids blow in because they have your DNA so no faking.

Once you blow into your car and your cleared you are allowed to go and make money to cloth and feed your family as well as pay all the taxes and bills pushed on you by the government. Oh yeah those pesky weekly license renewals and other charges just to keep you up to regulation in order to go and work.

Just imagine a world where you are so restricted because of the common cold and it is only for your own good and the common good of the entire health of all. An mind you and me if you don’t OBEY you will certainly be restricted from everything you and your family needs. This will put pressure on the family and then in turn they will push back on you to just comply. This does not sound like communism, tyranny, dictatorships, or any other kind of horrific situations in the past right?

Quick COVID breathalyzer could allow mass screening in public places

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