Army RaideArmy Raid

Man for like months now Biden and his cronies have been spouting how bad Russia is. How Russia cannot be trusted. How Russia stole the election. How Russia …… You get the point.

Now Russia is perfectly fine to help stage a raid to kill a so called ISIS leader. I think this was something else entirely. Why all of a sudden has ISIS become more powerful and more capable all of a sudden? How has ISIS been able to get away with so much in the last few months and no one is doing or has done anything about it? You cannot tell me the intelligence agencies have no clue what ISIS was up to or getting up.

Why did we ask Russia the least trustworthy adversary to help with a raid? You know the one who helped the Orange man get into office. There is something afoot at Circle K.

I smell a rat and it is not only Biden and his puppeteers. I smell a setup of some sort to get rid of someone tied to evidence they as in the deep state and puppeteers want to hide. Something is fishy about this whole thing period.

US Coordinated With Russia Ahead Of Raid Targeting ISIS Leader

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