There is absolutely no way this is a natural occurrence. I am certain this is a man made conglomeration of two other man made diseases. This is a seriously dangerous time for humans.

We might end up killing ourselves off entirely just for the push of power. The people who are responsible for this have to held responsible for their actions and it cannot be just jail. They need to be put to death publicly.

This needs to be spammed out to everyone so the deep state horrible people will never be able to get away with this. They have been getting away with these sorts of actions for centuries. This is the time to stop them for good. We need to wake everyone up making sure this cannot happen again. And we need to make sure our kids, their kids, and every subsequent generation after that should always see what horrors that have been perpetrated to make sure this never occurs again.

‘Ebola-Like Hemorrhagic Fever Virus’ Now Spreading In China, mRNA Vaccine Technology Inventor Reveals

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