First of all, this has to be a joke. This has just gotta be parody but first let me ask you a question…..

Do you have the privilege of dragging your ass out of bed at 4:30 in the morning, five or six days a week and going to work so you may provide a lifestyle of inactivity for people to lazy to work for themselves?

Then bow down at the feet of this less privileged and therefore morally superior brain dead liberal, freak of nature:

Who is this person? I think it’s basically what you get when you assemble a Lego character and then realize that you used parts from 7 different sets.

I’ve always wondered who the dude pictured in this meme was:


I just assumed this guy was someone who had lost a bet and had to pay up by wearing a fright wig and make up for a picture, I never knew until now, IT’S A REAL PERSON!

BUT is he for real? Well, sort of….

This guy is an internet troll known as Hogatha Cysty, and here’s a link to his main Facebook page and here’s his fan page but his Twitter account has been suspended, obviously because they have no sense of humor.

This guy is a troll, this is without a doubt parody, and it’s pretty damned funny. What amazes me is that satire nowadays is hard to distinguish from the reality.

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By Jaz McKay

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