Three little words, can drive a liberal absolutely insane. The three little words that will make a liberal’s head explode or at least their hair burst into flames. Those three little words, “Let’s go Brandon” — which is meant to openly defy Democrat tyranny and slap the gaslighting media upside the head with that defiance, the same media who’s worked day and night to keep Democrats in power — literately twist’s liberals into knots.

Some liberals have had to admit they are getting royally trolled by people shouting “Let’s Go Brandon.” And it’s freaking hilarious:

“Let’s go Brandon” went viral in no small part because media outlets leapt at the chance to clutch their pearls over an f-bomb directed Biden’s way and to pontificate on the supposed deeper meaning behind the spread of the phrase.

Slate called the meme the new “right-wing rallying cry,” and NBC’s “TODAY” show referred to it as a “battle cry.” Clinton White House press secretary Joe Lockhart compared the slogan to secret messages used by Nazis or the Ku Klux Klan. Washington Post reporters Ashley Parker and Carissa Wolf dedicated an article to exploring how “Let’s go Brandon” symbolizes a broader socioeconomic and cultural alienation among conservatives. On CNN’s “New Day,” senior political analyst John Avlon went further, calling the phrase “not patriotic.”

Brain dead liberal, leftist snot bags simply cannot allow anything resembling grass roots resistance to their pompous superiority. The three little words basically undermines the lie, it exposes their bogus narrative that the little people are on their side. And that’s why “Let’s Go Brandon” sends them into fits of rage.

And that’s why we need to see a whole lot more of this:

That happened yesterday in the very heart of radical leftism, Nancy Pelosi’s home district of San Franfreak-O. That is beyond the pale to Democrats, how dare anyone heckle Queen Nancy? Especially with those “three little words.”

It’s also worth noting that shouting “USA” is regarded as an act of defiance against Democrats too. That should tell you all you need to know about what they think of our great nation and their plans to destroy it.


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By Jaz McKay

Jaz McKay is a long time veteran of Talk Radio, a story teller, a public speaker, an activist, and is the administrator, editor and publisher of The Deplorable Patriot website. He lives in Bakersfield, California with his wife and their dog and two cats. He’s been called the Uncommon Voice of the Common Man and is a Super Spreader of the Truth.