Biden, I mean Brandon is at it again making an absolute fool of himself and making the US look like a week puny ineffective country. Let’s go Brandon thinks Putin is stupid. Brandon thinks he has the upper hand. Well not when it comes to years of planning and intelligence to strike strategic places and rip those deep state bastards out of the country.

Biden seems to thin his little side deals will never come to light. Well when Putin is done it will all come out. All the dirty disgusting outlandish deals and deeds by current and previous politicians.

Check out his latest messes. I think you will find them all entertaining. Remember stop watching the MSM and push everyone you know to stop watching them. The MSM is pure poison people cannot seem to get enough of.

Biden, Newsom announce $35 million investment in rare-earth mineral mining

Russian forces seize Chernobyl nuclear power plant

Ukrainian Security Forces Seen Scrambling to Burn Documents in Kyiv as Russian Invasion Intensifies (VIDEO)

Biden Frantically Looking For 8,000 Troops To Deploy To Ukraine That Don’t Have Myocarditis

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