Let’s face it folks Biden is going down as the worst president of any country in history. And to think he and the deep sate were so pompous to think he would be able to get their bidding done.

Biden was supposed to be their golden boy to get them back on track. He was supposed to be the puppet that gave them a way to hide from their goals in order to achieve them in the background. Kamala is just a token a distraction as well.

Imagine their surprise when this limp week thing came into office and was not even able to get one of their largest goals met even thought things were already setup for him. Imagine that all your work for decades go up in smoke by this bubbling fool. What would you say and think? What would you do? Oh I know you would get desperate and push even harder showing the sleepy sheeple exactly what you have been up to for these many years. They are falling directly into the trap and nothing can stop this from happening.

Take a look at Biden’s latest failures for his masters the Deep State/Kabal. The puppet masters have got to be miffed. There are plenty more where these come from.

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