Mark Dice showed us that average idiots on a beach beach think we should paint the White House black to support Black Lives Matter. How do you suppose these same idiots would feel about evicting those who have opted not to be infected with a Covid vaccine from their homes? Those who resist the government vaccine can always go live under bridges and beg for spare change in supermarket parking lots. Better yet, we can lock them up in FEMA camps so as to make the world safe for the rest of humanity. Maybe while in those camps they can be tortured to death. Don’t doubt that these morons below would be just fine with that.

“When the whole world is running toward a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind.” C.S. Lewis

I for one will continue to run in opposite direction from the governments injectable bio-weapon.

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By Jaz McKay

Jaz McKay is a long time veteran of Talk Radio, a story teller, a public speaker, an activist, and is the administrator, editor and publisher of The Deplorable Patriot website. He lives in Bakersfield, California with his wife and their dog and two cats. He’s been called the Uncommon Voice of the Common Man and is a Super Spreader of the Truth.