Well Biden has done it again. He proves he is totally worried about COVID and it’s “variants”.

Yeah he does care way more than any other president about this because he is leaving the border wide open. You know because no one who comes here illegally has any sort of disease like chicken pox, mumps, COVID, Omicrom, etc…

What gets me is that people still refuse to see this. There are too many people still paying close attention to the (paid) “scientists” and their biggest loud mouth Fauci.

I just love these scientists they have always had our best interests in their mind all the time they research and speak and come up with information. They would never pull thing from orifices just to fill a narrative, get the bribe, or anything nefarious like this. OH and the doctors and hospital administrators would never commit fraud in order for a bigger pay day from big pharma as well as the federal government.

A South African doctor, you know the one who found the variant said it is super sublime and there is no need for any restrictions or lock downs. The thing is the no lock down idea is not part of the over all Great Reset plan. Check our article linked below for more information about The Great Reset and more information regarding this plandemic and the true plan for this plandemic.

Biden ‘Forgets’ To Close The Southern Border Against ‘Omicron’ Variant

Against All Enemies
Against All Enemies

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