Signs Other People Have Too Much Control Over Your LifeSigns Other People Have Too Much Control Over Your Life

The plandemic is exactly as described. This thing is all planned and we as people have fallen for all their games.

The games of global cooling in the 70’s, global warming in the 80’s, and now just called climate change. This has been nothing but a bunch of bull. They want to control you. They want you to behave in a specific manner and obey them.

They want you to believe everything they say and thus you think they are the authority. They want to be the unelected rulers over you. They want to have the power and you are going to do exactly what and how they tell you.

The following are links to documents that prove how the globalists want you gone because you are the carbon they want to get rid of. They want us all to be much less so it is easier to control us. These “vaccines” the jabb have only one real goal to depopulate the world.

They want to erase your history by removing statues and other things from public view. Since they are or will be considered as authority they will write the new history to suit their narrative. They already control most people through the MSM and Big Tech.

There is so much information here. Please share and please take your time coming back here to read all these documents. This is really important information that are very true.

So this list of their plans will help educate you on the agendas bestowed upon all of us. Brought to your family’s door by the world economic forum, Rockefeller’s, John Hopkins institution and gates foundation with help from your corrupt government agencies and politicians !

Agenda 21

Agenda 30

Agenda 50

cyberpolygon 2021

Covid 19 – The great reset klaus Schwab.

Event 201

Operation Dark Winter

Operation crimson contagion.

Operation lockstep Rockefeller’s.

operation Cygnus uk gov

Uk influenza preparedness plan

National pandemic influenza plan

Spars pandemic (2025-2028) The next event.

Pandemic influenza vaccine storage (March 2020)

All this brought to you by the pharmaceutical global drugs cartel, they care so much about your health they plan how to cull you years in advance. Stay ahead of the game be informed people know the plans so you can counter the agenda and narrative.

Stay strong stay healthy stay ahead of the globalist plan!


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