Nasal SprayNasal Spray

We reported on this future before. We talked about the pills and the nasal spray. We warned this insanity is on the way. Well here ya have it folks sniff the COVID away. You can be like Biden LOL. Learn to sniff things and people.

The Jabb is losing it’s capability for fear. They need to move onto the next version of fear. I think they are going to try one at a time so as to not lose control over the sheeple. If they lose their control people will not die in the correct numbers to keep the fear up.

Once the fear is kept up more and more adult and children and infants will die but under the disguise of COVID. The COVID they are looking at literally comes from the jabb, pills, nasal spray ….

As the MSM lies to you and pushes propaganda to push the fear porn will keep them in control. Just turn on that TV on the right time or you will not be allowed out because you will lose the next set of instructions. If you lose the instructions you will not be able to get food, clothing, go to work, ….. Make sure you watch that TV at the correct time or you will surely regret it.

Well the Federal Government is trying to kill this version of the nasal spray. Why do you think they are trying to kill it off? Well of course because their buddy big pharma will not give the kick backs to them of course because the company who created this is not big pharma. There is nothing in it for them.

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