Fauci and MasksFauci and Masks

I went to a wedding over the weekend. All of the people at the wedding except two or three people had a mask on. While sitting in the room where the wedding ceremony took place this is what I saw.

Just before the ceremony took place we waited for the wedding party to come out from behind the doors. These people never talked with any one else or even made eye contact. We only knew the Brides family and another mutual friend. So we said hi to the people next to us and talk amongst ourselves.

The ceremony took place and we all went down the hall to the party room. It was a nice room well decorated and very tasteful. We found or table and sat down. We got up to get something to drink from the bar.

The only people I saw mingling with others were the unmasked. The two or three people sitting alone with their masks on were still sitting at their table. Fun fact the size of room we were in means that after 20 or so minutes the rooms air was completely recirculated and mixed.

This means these idiots took off their masks and breathed air we the unmasked just exhaled. You know the people they are so afraid of without a mask. All what I saw and felt from these people were contempt for not wearing a mask.

There was even two people on the staff that wore masks. They had the same attitude. The reason why I say this is they did their work and never answered a question or even looked at anyone they were serving. I know this one woman completely snubbed everyone even someone flagging her down for something like a knife that fell onto the floor.

This kind of behavior needs to be shunned by the rest of us. We should not tolerate this kind of rudeness and utter lack of humanity for people with differing opinions. This cannot happen again and cannot be allowed to continue. These liberal self involved you don’t think like me your inferior behavior and thinking should not be allowed in any way.

We as a society need to push these people out of their disgusting behavior. I know I keep repeating this but if we allow these people to continue things will go right back to division. People who refused to allow others to live how they want need to be removed from society by shunning and even shaming.

This kind of behavior was not allowed in the past so why is it allowed now. We may have thought it was OK for people to act this way because it never really harmed us. But it seems that it really did harm us indeed, more than we will ever know.

The harming came in where the government was allowed to become corrupt and rotten to the core. We as citizens allowed this to happen. I say we allowed this. Some of it was not our fault but much of it is especially at the local level.

The reason I harped on not allowing these liberal people to divide us again is because this is how evil slipped into everything. Kindness and genuine concern for another man is what should be displayed. Platitudes and pandering should never be allowed ever again and people who do this should be called out immediately.

Wrapping up my thoughts. I hope these people wake up and smell what they are shoveling, for all our sake. We need to start pulling together as a society with true kindness and true intentions. Once we pull together with overwhelming positive feelings these liberal know it all snobs should come around. I would think of it like when everyone in the room is laughing and having a good time it is really difficult for the rotten people to not have a good time.

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