As a conservative you could not express your views in a university in public since the 90’s. I know this because I was in a college that should have been more conservative but was not. People were scared to join our conservative group because of the harassment they would get from the leftist nut jobs.

The following article shows exactly how much worse it has gotten. We didn’t have liberal nuts busting down our meetings. I feel for these people the derangement has gotten so bad. I want this sort of thing to stop man it will only become worse and if the social credit system is created then conservatives would not be allowed to actually be conservative if they want to live.

I don’t want to go on a rant because trust me I can on this subject. This article is to point to what happened in a so called Right or conservative state of Texas. We conservatives really need to push back and stand up for ourselves.

Please comment below your feelings. We want to put together an article of how our readers/subscribers think of these and other events. Thanks for the visit.

University Of North Texas Responds After Black-Clad Mob Swarms Conservative Event, Forces Police To Hide Student In Closet

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