A good guy with a gun is the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun, that’s a fact.

It can also be the only thing that stops a mass shooting from becoming a media extravaganza that the Democratic Party can exploit to infringe upon our right to bear arms. Fort Smith, Arkansas shooter Zachary Arnold would be infamous now if a law-abiding gun owner had not interrupted his killing spree.

Colion Noir is on the mark as always when it comes to guns. As he observes, moonbats bark that their goal is to save lives, but the actual goal is the same as always: to secure more power for leftists, in this case by disarming the population.

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By Howard Roark

Howard Roark is a Senior Fellow with the Kirby Institute and editor of The Deplorable Patriot. He’s a second amendment advocate, avid shooter, hunter, fisherman, fur trapper, writer, artist, poet, and inventor of the wall port central vacuum cleaner system. He is both a moral and a practical man and is fully committed to the artistic integrity of every one of his endeavors or projects whether working as a common laborer in a rock quarry or operating a Fortune 500 design firm.