By Will Ellis

Urban survival can be quite ‘tricky’ because the urban environment is a little bit different from the rural one. You’ve probably seen many survival shows portraying wilderness survival, mountain climbing has gone wrong, plane crashes, etc. However, for the most part, you’ve got to be prepared to survive at home, school or office first or in the urban environment in general. Below is our list of Urban Bug Out Bag essentials.

Regardless of the ‘survival situation’, you find yourself in the urban area, you’ll need a good urban survival kit to tough it out. The shelter is not really as important here as your Urban Bug Out Bag Kit, when it comes to survival supplies. Below, we’ve listed some of the items to include in your urban bug out bag, aside from a few guns, a first aid kit, beddings, knife, food, and eating utensils.

1. Crowbar

image of a Crowbar

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If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to pry open a locked door or smash through a window, then no tool does it better than a crowbar. Designed to perfectly fit in your backpack, it’s a necessary tool not to leave behind.

2. Mace

Survival situations can come in many forms. And sometimes, it may be that there are other people out to get your stuff or hurt you. A canister of mace may be all you need in such emergencies. At least it will buy you the time you need to reach for your weapon. So, make sure to include one among your Bug Out Bag Supplies.

3. Water Purification Tablets

Water Purification Tablets

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Some persons forget to include water purification tablets when packing their survival gear. This can be a grave mistake because while you’re out there trying to survive, you don’t want to get sick from drinking bad water. All you have to do when you find a water source is to add the water tablets according to the given directions, and you’ll have safe water to drink.

4. Gas Mask

Gas Mask

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Even though a gas mask will likely take up more space in your bug out bag, it’s worth bringing along – You never know where you’ll need to protect yourself from toxic substances in the air. Though a face mask can help protect your lungs, a gas mask does the job better.

5. Can Opener

You’ll most likely find yourself eating only canned foods in an urban survival environment. So, remember to pack a can opener in your urban survival gear.

6. Portable Solar Panel

Portable Solar Panel

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This one is a must-have for your Bug Out Bag Gear. You’ll need it to charge your flashlights, phones, and any other rechargeable gadgets you may have with you. You don’t have to worry about their weight, as the portable solar panels are lightweight and quite easy to transport.

7. Wire Cutters

Wire cutters are very useful to gain access to a fenced area in times of survival. Although it’s not recommended that you intrude into an unknown place, then, you may be left with no other option. Asides from cutting metallic fences, you can also use a wire cutter to cut ropes or any other thin material needed for survival.

8. Axe

An ax can serve various purposes in survival situations; from chopping wood, cutting down doors and even as a weapon. So, it’s worth having in your Bug Out Bag Kit. And if you’re worried about weight, it doesn’t have to be full size – a portable ax that will perfectly fit in your backpack will do.

9. Water Keys

water key

You may need to gain access to residential or commercial water in times of emergency. Now, this wouldn’t be possible if you don’t have water keys with you. So, don’t forget to pack them.


While the above-listed items will go a long way in aiding your survival in an urban environment, you’ll still need the basics such as food, etc. In any case, nothing beats a fully-equipped Urban Bug Out Bag for disaster preparedness.

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