If it seems to you that a high priority of the Marxist Democrats is to force you to drive an electric car, you’re right. These vehicles are inefficient, expensive, unreliable, unsafe, and environmentally destructive and not even good for the environment. So, what the hell is the point of these idiots demanding we drive these clown cars?

Well, Jerold Levoritz over at Town Hall has a theory. It’s simple, he believes the Marxist Democrats want to make all of us more dependent on the electrical grid:

By favoring a transportation system that can fail at a single point, we confer upon those in power the ability to shut down an entire civilization. And even if they don’t completely shut it down, the price of electricity will be centrally controlled, allowing a chokehold on all the people all the time.

This makes perfect sense when you consider the one thing that Marxist Democrats stand for is central command and control.

With our advanced understanding of complex systems today, no engineer would knowingly structure a system where failure at a single point makes everything inoperative for the foreseeable future. …

The proper conclusion here is that society, meaning each and every one of us, should fight like hell before we allow such catastrophic vulnerabilities to be built into our future. One EMP explosion will eliminate most of the affected population within six months — and it won’t be pleasant. Starvation is a particularly nasty way to end our days.

By starving people to death you can easily force ideologies on people that they would never submit to in any other circumstance. All you have to do is research the history of the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin or China and North Korea to understand that.


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By Jaz McKay

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