Every year dozens of handguns are removed from the “approved list.” Remember THIS LIST HAS ZERO TO DO WITH GUN SAFETY! The following handgun models certification has either expired or otherwise been removed from the Roster in California for 2021. These models may no longer be sold, offered for sale, or manufactured in California. They are still legal to own, however you cannot sell them.

ManufacturerModelCaliberGun TypeBarrel LengthExpired
Charter 200053889 Leopard.38 SplRevolver2″01/01/2021
Charter 200013825 Tiger.38 SplRevolver2″01/01/2021
Charter 200053890 Goldfinger (Blk/Gold tone) Std.38 SplRevolver2″01/01/2021
Charter 200053823 Undercover Lite (Red/SS) Std.38 SplRevolver2″01/01/2021
TaurusM85 SS 2-850029FS.38 SplRevolver2″01/01/2021
TaurusM85 Blk 2-850021FS.38 SplRevolver2″01/01/2021
TaurusM85 Ultralite Blk 2-850021ULFS.38 SplRevolver2″01/01/2021
TaurusM85 Ultralite SS 2-850029ULFS.38 SplRevolver2″01/01/2021
TaurusM85 Protector 2-850021PFS.38 SplRevolver2.5″01/01/2021
Taurus2-856029CHVL.38 SpecialRevolver2″01/01/2021
Taurus2-856029ULCH13.38 SpecialRevolver2″01/01/2021
Taurus2-856029ULCH12.38 SpecialRevolver2″01/01/2021
Taurus2-856029ULCHVL.38 SpecialRevolver2″01/01/2021
Magnum ResearchDE44CA (Black) (Made in Israel).44 MagnumPistol6″01/01/2021
Cobra EnterprisesCB38 (Majestic Pink).38 SplDerringer2.75″01/01/2021
Cobra EnterprisesS38SKB (Satin).38 SpecialRevolver1.85″01/01/2021
Cobra EnterprisesC22LR (Chrome).22 LRDerringer2.4″01/01/2021
Cobra EnterprisesCB38 (Black).38 SplDerringer2.75″01/01/2021
Cobra EnterprisesC22LR (Ruby Red).22 LRDerringer2.4″01/01/2021
Cobra EnterprisesC22LR (Majestic Pink).22 LRDerringer2.4″01/01/2021
Cobra EnterprisesC22LR (Royal Blue).22 LRDerringer2.4″01/01/2021
Cobra EnterprisesC22MPK (Majestic Pink).22 MagnumDerringer2.4″01/01/2021
Cobra EnterprisesC22MS.22 MagnumDerringer2.4″01/01/2021
Cobra EnterprisesS38PB Shadow (Pink).38 SplRevolver1.85″01/01/2021
Cobra EnterprisesC22LR (Black).22 LRDerringer2.4″01/01/2021
Cobra EnterprisesC22S.22 LRDerringer2.4″01/01/2021
Cobra EnterprisesC22TL (Teal).22 LRDerringer2.4″01/01/2021
Cobra EnterprisesCB38 (Satin).38 SplDerringer2.75″01/01/2021
Cobra EnterprisesC22M (Chrome).22 MagnumDerringer2.4″01/01/2021
Cobra EnterprisesC22GK (Olive Drab Green).22 LRDerringer2.4″01/01/2021
Cobra EnterprisesCB38 (Chrome).38 SplDerringer2.75″01/01/2021
Cobra EnterprisesC22PR (Purple).22 LRDerringer2.4″01/01/2021
Cobra EnterprisesC22MRD (Ruby Red).22 MagnumDerringer2.4″01/01/2021
Cobra EnterprisesC22M (Blue).22 MagnumDerringer2.4″01/01/2021
Cobra EnterprisesCB38TK (Tan).38 SplDerringer2.75″01/01/2021
Cobra EnterprisesC22MRB (Royal Blue).22 MagnumDerringer2.4″01/01/2021
Cobra EnterprisesCB38GK (Olive Drab Green).38 SplDerringer2.75″01/01/2021
Cobra EnterprisesS38BKB (Black).38 SpecialRevolver1.85″01/01/2021

Source: California Office of the Attorney General

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