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New Jersey Former Congressman, Craig Callaway Arrested on Felony Mail-in Ballot Fraud Charges— Voting for People Who did Not Authorize them to Do So

I did a little digging on this guy and was not surprised to learn he went to prison for bribery and a sex blackmail case.

Craig Callaway was known for his “ability” to collect large blocks of absentee ballots to election officials, which swayed the outcome of ALOT of elections. Dude is a career criminal.

But he was arrested again last week…

Prosecutors said Callaway and others working at his direction paid people $30 to $50 to apply to be messengers for voters purportedly wishing to vote by mail.

They went to the county clerk’s office, signed the messenger portion of the ballot applications and received ballots to be given to the voters listed on the applications.

However, after receiving mail-in ballots, these purported messengers left the county clerk’s office and instead handed the ballots to Callaway or his subordinates, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office.

That’s how easy it is folks…
$30-$50 bucks a pop sells your country out and steals an election.

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