One thing everyone needs to think about is that if there is fraud of any type proven in an election it should be completely disqualified no matter how much it seems is fraudulent. It is like when you defraud someone of their money but you earned like 20 percent of that money. It is still fraud and it all goes back. Seriously folks how were we duped into thinking that if the appearance of fraud is so little to look like it doesn’t affect the outcome of the election is complete and utter nonsense. Seriously people how can you trust any of the results if there is one ounce of proven fraud. Or even one ounce of mostly proven something went seriously wrong.

No flipping way would anything like this done by a business go through the courts lol. And if I have a business and I commit fraud I will use the same defense as what happens during the election lol. Do you really think I would get away with this, not go to jail, and not have to pay back the money and fines and ….. So if an election has something that seriously stinks of fraud everything needs to stop, be investigated, people popped into jail and charged with treason, then hung if found guilty. This will put a huge crimp on the cheating in elections, that is for sure.

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