She is such a psy-op right now. Push her and keep pushing her. Make her music like godly. Put her on Time magazine. The American Heart Association recommends her music to perform CPR to. WTF man seriously. Now “someone” created a fake porno of her and pushed it out there. This has been done a bunch of times in the past besides using AI. Then what will happen is this AI debocle happens gets blown up in the news and boom they can say everything is AI generated LOL. Get real folks. Once there are hundreds of copies of the same event, happening, or what ever at different angles it will be impossible to scream AI. All we need to do is push back against the narrative and show loads of angles and different clips. Boom debunked like mad. So don’t fall for the psy-op and pass this info on.

This is hilarious I had to include it
Taylor Swifts 18 Million Dollar Abandoned Mega Mansion!
The Real Reason Why Taylor Swift Was Named TIME’s Person of the Year in 2023Taylor Swift bears a striking resemblance to Zeena LaVey, the daughter of Anton LaVey Anton was born on April 11th, the date written 4/11 Swift was born exactly 411 weeks before Anton’s death Anton founded the Church of Satan in 1966 Taylor Alison Swift = 1966 (Jewish) Zeena LaVey = 1997 (English Standard) Anton died in the year 1997, on the date 10/29 Anton LaVey = 129 (English Ordinal) Taylor Swift = 129 / 66 (Reverse Ordinal / Reverse Reduction) Number of the Beast = 66 (Full Reduction) Swift was born on the date leaving 18 days in the year 6 + 6 + 6 = 18 Swift released her debut album exactly 360 days after the anniversary of Anton’s death She was named TIME’s Person of the Year during the Church of Satan’s 3006th week of existence The 36th triangular number is 666 Her debut album was released when she was 6160 days old (counting end date) 616 is the original/alternate Number of the Beast
Seriously folks Swift’s music saves lives now GTFOH

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