Don’t let people like this guy divide us even more. Don’t let others who seem to be legit divide us even more. I am not saying don’t look for yourself please research and then tell me how wrong I might be. I want to know these things. But be careful who you watch and what they say. Look for yourself and make sure you see proof yourself in either direction.

I have thought of all these things about Trump and the rest of the gang. I have seen too much proof from the past and now that prove this guy may be mistaken. Trump is not a pedo. The crazy thing is that if Trump really did these things he would have been accused decades ago by someone who got out. This sort of thing happens many many many times in the past to many many people. So why not Trump? This guy Ben just might be one of those counter agents. I have thought a very long time about the double double cross that might be happening. I have seen way too much evidence that allows me to be certain there is no double double cross. If people were not seeing the horrifying truths then I would say this is just yet another psy op like many many times in the past.

For goodness sake my extreme lefty neighbor who moved here from California is seeing the truth. I never talked to him about my thoughts of life (I will never say politics again because it is life we are talking about not some obscure thing called politics) and how things are going and should go. He just started to talk to me about things like it was a matter of a fact and mind blowing facts to him he is seeing out of no where. This is happening on a scale I would not have believed could happen in such a short period of time. I myself have tried hundreds of times to wake people up in the past. Having conversations with people on their terms and proving to them right in front of their face and yet they still cannot and or would not see. But now these same people are coming to me telling me things they see is so striking. And I do my best to not say I told you so years a go lol.

So you say Trump pushed the Vax and other things on the people. Well guess what he had to. If you watched the previous press briefs about the so called virus Fauci was talking about locking the whole flipping world down for at least 8 years (until a vaccine is found which could take 8 to ten years). I watched Trumps eyes change that very moment because I don’t think he was ready for that comment. Yeah you read this correct. I saw these live and complete press briefings. I was between jobs at the time and let me tell you I watched every single press briefing in their entirety on this. I watched the shit show allowed to be shown to the people of the US. Fauci and Birx were pushed to the front for a reason so the people can see the bull shit being slung at them and remember the bull shit once they wake up. I have been awake since I was 8 or 9 years old. I knew from many people and much proof and my own observations that the government is not here for our interest. I also have been able to connect dots that were outliers during this plandemic that could not be connected to things.

So when Ben talks about Trump being a bad guy forced to do this he is incorrect as far as I am concerned. Everything Trump does is to wake everyone up. He does not care about anything but this mission. You can tell by what he says and how he says it. Just listen to his speeches from day one of his campaign. The people would have figured/sniffed out a fake a long time ago if he was full of shit. Especially the people that follow him today. They are awake and observant to the truth and what is right in front of them.

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