Tucker Carlson

Out of all the hidden horrors of Ukraine, this one is not the least shocking.

I’m unsure why they would push ahead with this religious purge exactly while the World was still focused on Ukraine, which hardly got a mention a couple of years ago.

I’ve little doubt that their new State-sponsored version of Christianity is basically Soros-style Satanists who are simply trying to kill off anything Godly in their previous little Nazi coven. Ukraine.

So then why don’t they just lay off the gas to avoid this negative PR? Perhaps stop beating priests in the open while you’re trying to look like sweet little victims of psychotic Russian aggression.

This is a strange tactic if you consider how patient they usually are with infusing Satanism into our lives.

Why not wait?

Ukraine are not holding back at all, and they are exposing the rotten truth for all to see.

Are they so desperate to complete their little European Hell?

This is a Bombshell from Tucker, which many millions of Christian’s are taking in as we speak.


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