Transgender and the rest of the sexes by liberals

Man this is a crazy subject but I don’t care. These people who are not gay tranis are most certainly perverts and pedos. We have reported this before and mentioned this fact before. There is so much absolute proof out there this is the case. There are so many news articles about tranis having child porn, molesting kids, and more.

This is a wake up call people. The tranis that push their way into the girls room are perverts and pedos. They want to show off their man parts to little kids and women. They want to fantasize about being desired and appreciated and what ever else by these women and children. This is sick stuff man and should never be allowed period.

What happened to the day when a guy popped their perverted asses into a girls bathroom and subsequently got their ass beat by the guys who pulled them out? Why is this not happening now? Oh I know these people have the media and the rest of the government giving them permission to do this very thing. I say a woman with the intestinal fortitude should sue the trani, the facility, government, politicians, media, and anyone else involved with promoting and allowing this behavior. Sue these people and groups for taking away her constitutional rights of life, liberty, and happiness for allowing a pervert pedo into their bathroom, locker room, or other safe place for women.

I say this should happen right now. There are probably lawyers that would take this case. And take it straight to the Supreme Court. These people need to pay for their arrogance and disgusting desires. If the penalty is huge it will discourage others from making these sorts of policies and also push these policies out of existence.

Liberals push the boundaries not because they are the majority but because they want to see if people will fight back against it. This way they can take it to the next step. These people are sneaky bastards. They always have been. Since they have the media in their pocket they can make it look like it is others problems and the majority wants this to actually want these policies.

I say we find that ambulance chaser lawyer and train them in these kinds of fights. I say the lawsuit should be civil and not one that fights the laws. This will get better traction and might even make it to the media and evening news. Especially if the verdict and restitution is massive.

Transgender substitute teacher is fired after sharing salacious TikTok videos of herself with sixth-grade students – and clips where she discussed hormone therapy and her transition

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