Mass murder is becoming a popular trend within the world of transgenderism, as an ever more sympathetic mainstream media stubbornly refuses to notice, the names keep piling up. Maya McKinney. Snochia Moseley. Anderson Lee Aldrich. Audrey Hale and William Whitworth.

However not all transsexual violence is taken to the extreme of mass murder. Lesser violence is more likely to be employed in attempts to intimidate any resistance:

Swimmer Riley Gaines says she was “ambushed and physically hit” and forced to barricade for three hours from a mob of trans-rights protesters who stormed her speech about protecting women’s sports.

The 12-time All-American champ — a former competitor of controversial trans swimmer Lia Thomas -— shared alarming footage of cops hustling her to safety late Thursday at San Francisco State University.

Despite her overwhelming disadvantage, Gaines has managed to tie William Thomas, AKA “Lia” Thomas, a transsexual bully who enjoys taking his clothes off in the women’s locker room and stealing trophies that rightly belong to female competitors. ESPN worships him.

Gaines’ footage — as well as other clips shared on social media — show security and university staff blocking the angry mob from following the distressed guest speaker as she’s taken to a safe room at 8:30 p.m.

Today we live in a country where a woman who believes that only women should compete in women’s sports have to be swept away to safe rooms to protect them from the rabid hoards of mentally deranged freakazoids who are free to commit violent acts because they have the liberal establishment to back them up.

At 11:21 p.m., officers announced through a bullhorn that the gathering was an unlawful congregation and those refusing to leave would be arrested.

Gaines was finally able to leave at 11:38 p.m. — more than 3 hours after being first led to safety — with a huge police presence to stop her from being followed…

Her husband Louis Barker said,

“She was under police protection and was still hit by a man wearing a dress.”

But Riley Gaines came through the experience stronger and more determined than before.

Good thing Elon Musk took over Twitter, or this would never have been allowed to be posted:

While Christians are murdered by the Trans Terrorist Cult, the Biden-Harris regime, corporate media, and corporate America are busy claiming the mobs of dementia riddled cultists are the ones under attack.

This is not acceptable.

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By Jaz McKay

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