Yesterday we posted a truly, deplorable video from Project Varitas purporting to show a Pfizer executive named Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer Director of Research and Development–Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning, confessing to what we’ve all suspected for three years now, that the pharmaceutical giant is attempting to mutate the Covid virus for financial gain. YOU CAN WATCH THE FIRST VIDEO HERE.

Today PV released the second part of the video clearly showing Mr. Walker having what can only be described as a mental breakdown after James O’Keefe walks into the restaurant, in typical “To Catch a Predator” style and reveals to the Pfizer executive that he’s BUSTED and hilarity ensues….

Clearly Jordan Walker is having a mental breakdown because of the sudden realization that his career is over for revealing detailed info about Pfizer’s mutating the Covid virus for the furtherance of their bottom line. In other words, FOR MONEY!

Now, the libtards on Twitter are all insisting it’s fake, saying Mr. Walker “doesn’t look like an executive from Pfizer,” obviously in reference to his casual attire and the fact that he’s a black homosexual. All this does is prove, yet again, how intolerant the left really is and the fact that they all wish to remain oblivious to the truth regardless how utterly foolish their denial makes them look.

Substack’s Brian O’Shay has investigated Jordan Trishton Walker and found that it looks like he’s the real deal, though he may be on loan to Pfizer from the Boston Consulting Group (“BCG”). He’s a physician and is licensed in New York:

He’s also listed on the “Signal Hire” Profile: “Jordon Walker, M.D. Director, Worldwide R&D Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning at Pfizer. New York, New York, United States”

US NEWS and WORLD REPORT has a profile on him: Dr. Jordon Walker, MD. Urology General Urology. Dallas, TX

Here’s a look at part of his resume:

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center “Match Day 2018 by specialty” listing:

And when you try to go to his Facebook page (jordon.walker.100) this is what you get:

Basically there’s a ton of inconsistent information about Mr. Walker online and it makes little sense. All we see for sure is:

NAME: Jordon Trishton Walker, M.D.

AKAs: Jordan Walker; Trishton Lee; Trishton Lee Walker; Jordan Walker; Joran Trishtan Lee Walker

Profession: Physician, Consultant.

My takeaways are many.

Why all the aliases? I’ve never met a legitimate doctor with so many different name combos.

His date of NYS license (which needs to be verified) is October 2021, right in the middle of when he’s supposed to be working as a consultant at Pfizer.

The Match list says he matched with a program at Tufts Medical Center and the US News profile says he did a urology residency there 2018-2020 but his resume says he was a resident at Mass General (a Harvard hospital) June 2018-Nov 2019.

Also on the match list from 2018 it says, he went to USC, but his resume says UT and Yale, no mention of USC.

Urology residencies are extremely hard to get into and are FIVE YEARS long, was he fast tracked? And if so why?

In a May 18, 2020 article about Covid treatments, his name as an author is listed without an MD (whereas one of the other authors has it), although he supposedly graduated from Med School in 2018.

These are just a few inconsistencies and some downright strangenesses about Mr. Walker. I do know that physician information is almost never updated on a lot of medical websites but there’s just an awful lot here.

And while Mr. Walker really doesn’t come off like someone you would think would hold such an important position at Pfizer, but if Kamala Harris can climb to VP, Karine Jean-Pierre can be the press secretary for the president and Ketanji Brown Jackson can serve on the Supreme Court, anything is possible in the age of Affirmative Action run amok. The reckless pursuit of “diversity” could have resulted in Pfizer hiring someone just dumb enough to spill the secret recipe.

Big Pharma and Big Government are not the only crucial components of the corrupt establishment. Big Media will be called upon to play an important part by suppressing this bombshell story.

Who knows, but one thing’s for sure, this dude is very sketchy. I mean I don’t know about anyone else, but “I work for a greedy corrupt corporation working to keep the population sick so it can sell more drugs” hasn’t ever gotten me laid one damn time.

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By Jaz McKay

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