Warning this is not for the faint of heart. There is some information here that will blow most peoples minds and disgust most. This is an interesting subject and video. This is a must watch. You and everyone else needs to learn what these sick people want for you children. They want your child to be more like the Baphomet. Yeah that Satanic thing people worship. Lady Gaga is a male and is the chosen Baphomet in the elite groups because it is sick and has done some seriously sick shit to kids.

The reasons are many why they spend all this money on making men look like women. Once you think this thing is gorgeous you are worshiping it. Once you find out it was a man all along eventually you will become numb to this and thus allow it to be a “normal” thing.

This and many other sick behaviors should never ever become normal or have minor sentences. These are high crimes and should be treated as such. There should never any kind of recovery for hurting a child in any way. Children are the future and they should always be protected in every way as possible.

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