Pedo Sniffer Biden

What a fabulous idea to implant your children with a chip where anyone with the proper authorization can find your kid, take your kid for certain duties, then bring them back unawares. Yeah this is a horrific idea. Just put sirens on their heads while walking around in a city of pedos.

It is like pinning a 100 dollar bill to your ass and then run around the crime ridden neighborhoods screaming victim here victim here. Mark your child for easy kidnapping, sex abuse, and more. These chips will have some sort of coding and who knows how much information like easily manipulated, very smart stay away, etc…

Don’t let this happen. Don’t allow this to be a possibility of any kind. There are too many children that disappear every year to never be seen again as it is. Don’t allow them to push you into this for any kind of bull shit reason they the globalist unelected pedos give you. Make them pay for even suggesting this.

Microchipping Your Child? ‘There Are Solid Rational Reasons For It,’ Say Supreme Overlords Of The WEF

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