Pedo Red Shoes

This is some sick disgusting information. You need to know this so it cannot happen again. Yes this will make you mad. Yes this will give you the screaming willies. Yes this is so cringey and beyond the normal thoughts of people. Get over it move on and learn.

People need to know this because this can never happen again. Get over the disgust and learn the truth. Get over your fear of this information. This must be seen and learned. This stuff exists and has existed for a very long time. More and more people are in the know so you have support for the nightmares that will follow. I have had many bad dreams but you get over it because once you start educating people on these crimes you will feel way better, trust me on this.

The final goal is to disseminate information no matter how harsh it is. We need to push this and all information to everyone who will listen and who may have some idea or doubts about these so called leaders and royals. These people want us divided let’s make their push for division explode in their face. This information will bring us all together and the elites wanna be leaders, unelected leaders, globalist, WEF, and all people going long with their goals will have no place to hide. They will all be shown as the evil horrific people they really are.

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