Don’t let these garbage people get away with anymore of their lies and deceit. Don’t let people forget what these ass wipes said more than two years ago when they pushed the BLM Antifa riots, murders, and looting.

These people destroyed everything in so many cities to push people to the brink of accepting a national police service. You know like what Hitler did. A police service beholden to the federal government. Push back a point to every instance of their seditious criminal acts. Point out that Kumala put together a fund to bail these crime riddled people out of jail so they can move to another city and do the democrat bidding again.

They pushed and let out all sorts of criminals so these people would beholden to their democrat masters. Thus rioting, looting, murdering, raping, and more is just normal to these people and a bonus is to get paid 30 dollars an hour for these activities. This is more money than most of these people have made their entire lives and another way to get them beholden in order to encourage them to do their bidding.

Democrats Defund The Police
Democrats Defund The Police

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