What the literal hell people. Why the flipping hell would you even want something like this for? Oh I know so it can “accidentally” be released onto the world like all the other plagues.

This is pure insanity condensed into massive stupidity coming from pure evil intentions. There is absolutely no other explanation for this. Tell me what/how this could possibly serve to help? Tell me why there was this idea in the first place to create this crazy Killer COVID. There is no other point or reason except to kill people in the future.

The researchers need to be rounded up and placed in a military tribunal for crimes against humanity. Because if you think research is not a crime just remember what happened in WWII and the Nazis. These same sick people did research on people to find things out and these things were more ways to kill you easier and cheaper. The people who funded this and the other people involved should be in the same tribunal.

This is a sure way to the gallows. There is no excuse for this kind of research. There are no practical reasons for this kind of research. There is no mankind benefit coming from this kind of research. This has been proven time and time again in the past. So I await the tribunals and neck stretching.

US scientists create new lethal Covid variant

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