impact information technologyImpact Information Technology

This is some seriously explosive information. I have two engineering degrees and experience in both fields. I have always wondered why the engineering colleges have never encouraged people to look down this path. I remember that there was one prof that pushed the idea that there can never be a self propelling machine. This is horse manure. There has been plenty of them created in history by people who were eventually pushed out of their fields for daring to defy the norms. I found that very disturbing. I defy the norms all the time and get things done like no ones business.

The thing we need to digest from this video is that there are plenty of technologies that have been buried by big industry and the governments of the world. They don’t want you as humans to not have to rely on them for anything. They want you to be slave to their whim and desires and needs. It is a horrible system that is not true competition but monopolies created to look like they are competitions.

Stop falling for these tricks. We need to wake up and smell what they are shoveling. They have killed people to keep their secrets from being disseminated. All I have to say is that if you have invented something that is revolutionary keep it to yourself and document the hell out of it. Make several hundred copies and place them in so many places they will never be able to find them. This way when they eventually off you your dead mans switch can be activated and boom everyone knows. I love this idea myself.

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