Brain Washing

Look technology is a good thing when you the user controls it. Technology is never good when it controls you. If it were games, software, devices, gambling, or whatever. Don’t let anything control you like it controls many.

When you are controlled by one thing you can easily succumb to control from other things like the media, politicians, party affiliations, and anything else. Stop letting this happen brainwashing is easier then.

We had a rule when we were kids, no TV till you finished your school work. You were not allowed to watch more than a few hours of TV a day. You were not allowed to watch more than a few hours of anything in one day, movie, sports, tv shows, etc… My mom keep the TV off until my dad would come home and want to watch something. He suuall watched the news so us kids hated the news so we boogied to do our own thing lol. But this kept us from being brainwashed.

The thing we all need to understand is that these devices, the media, the news agencies and papers and magazines, and much more are there to capture your heart and mind. Their goal is to make you bias to one thing and that is the Globalist Agenda, NWO, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, the Great Reset, and the rest.

These people want to become the unelected leaders. You will give your freedom away to them and they will give it back as a present for doing what your told to do. So don’t be a slave to technology or anyone else period. Learn from this video and make sure you teach others to do the same. Let’s work together to wake the world up from the slumber sheeple behavior it has been in for many more years than you can think.

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