The Rockefellers decided that you as a citizen and educated person do not deserve information from people other than accepted and vetted by them. The the living hell and the flipping nerve of these people. Wake up folks they want control over you. Information control is key for control and obedience. Stop falling for their games.

I truly hope people who visit this site will understand where these sick bastards want to take us and do with us. Their plans are depopulation and control. You cannot grow your own food and get your own water. They plan on depopulating the world by 80 to 90 percent through wars, vaccines, starvation, police actions and more. They want the world just the like the movie Elysium. Check that out, or at least the trailers. You will see exactly what I mean. You know they tell what they are going to do just before they do it.

Mercury Project to Boost Covid-19 Vaccination Rates and Counter Public Health Mis- and Disinformation in 17 Countries Worldwide

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