Have these people not learned already that the people they elected are just a bunch of tyrannical power hungry woke progressive monsters who give absolutely nothing about anyone except their own power and ambition? Nope it seems like they have not even gotten the hint. Otherwise they would finally rise up against this kind of bull shit.

This means that an enormous 750 thousand jobs are at risk of being lost. That is a massive number of people seriously. California Assembly’s AB 257 will push the wages up for these people to a massively unsustainable rate making these businesses flee and go bankrupt. This bill was originally introduced in January of 2021 but rejected and now resurrected by another set of Democrats for this January.

How much more can these people of California seriously take before they rise up and throw these power hungry ass wipes out of office? The other question is why have they not realized the ramifications of voting for these people for so long and in such numbers? It is just mind blowing and stupefying how these incredibly horrible laws keep getting made and costing people even more money and no one is doing anything about it. It is like they want to be beaten over the head, in the pocket, and on the job by government.

California’s FAST Act Puts Franchising, Restaurants And Employees On Fast Track To Trouble

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