Gavin NewsomGavin Newsom

Gruesome Newsom is talked about running for president. You know the guy running California into negative population growth. You know the guy running the California past bankruptcy.

This guy is unreal. If you think the policies of Clinton, Obummer, and Biden are terrible just wait for this ass wipe. He will wipe your life’s saving from you. He will close all grocery stores. He will make you beholden to the government just like he made the middle class in California suck the government teat and like it.

These policies are disguised socialist policies idiot people are falling for. Why is Newsom still governor? Why is he allowed to still be in government, seriously? He has taken rights away from so many people. Why has he not been tarred and feathered? All these people need removed from government and banned for ever along with their families for several generations.

I bet you cannot wait to get this guy in office. I am sure you want him to take all your money, jobs, and rights away. Ya know like he is in California.

A Preview of What a Gavin Newsom Presidency Would Look Like

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