Gavin is a horrible person. His game is to push for power and keeping his power. It is clear with so many social media posts that his recall vote was a sham.

He requires everyone K-12 to get the VAX but his own daughter is not vaxxed. Ask yourself why she is not jabbed. Ask yourself why he keeps spouting that thing COVID thing is so terrible and horrible you need to sacrifice everything in order to save yourself.

But when it comes to him and his family they of course do not sacrifice a single thing. In fact he makes sure his kids are safe from all the side effects associated with the jab but your kids need to die. He cares not obviously. In fact he wants your kids to dies.

It is common knowledge the jab has some serious side effects and has killed many many children and adults. Children have had debilitating permanent problem as a result from the jab. So the only conclusion is he and the rest of the demonrats and RINOs who mandate this sort of thing do it on purpose to cull the hurd uumm I mean you and your kids.

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