Death For PedophilesDeath For Pedophiles

Yeah this subject is difficult to stomach but you must understand the horrors these children go through. You must know and understand the truth of the situation. Stop being a bunch of weak indifferent people. Being this way only allows this kind of thing to continue.

We must stop this from happening again. We must stop this from happening now. Right under your nose is a pedo ring. Yeah somewhere near you as you read this there is a pedo ring where children are used, tortured, and sacrificed in rituals.

These people are sick and wish to hurt you and GOD. They hurt little helpless children because children are closer to God than adults. This means the more hurt they can inflict on children the more they can hurt God. This is their sick Satanic belief.

Do not fool yourself in anyway that this will go away permanently when people are brought to justice for crimes against humanity. It will reel its ugly head again if we don’t be vigilant and catch the future perpetrators and the others that support and are indifferent and make a living providing children for abuse and rituals.

Yeah this is a horrid subject but your stomach matters not. What truly matters is the health and well being of children of Earth. Children cannot and should not be ever put through, indoctrinated into, brainwashed into, or anything of the like for allowing abuse of any sort. A person who has tried to or even enacted this kind of behavior shall always be charged with crimes against humanity and the largest punishment possible be enacted on them. There will be no exceptions, no excuses, no leniency of any kind. No way should ever get away period.

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