Pay close attention to what this guy said while being asked questions live on TV. I saw this footage live the day it happened and questioned everything even more.

I had questions about this event as the coverage kept scrolling in from many channels. Some secrets and information were snuck out on accident. Like this video and the true off the cuff replies by the reporter. There were others in NY as fire fighter sprinting out of the two building screaming there were explosions in the building like boom, boom, boom boom. They could understand how all of a sudden thing were falling onto them and the building was coming down.

Even more footage snuck out as well like Trump saying this does not look like a building hit by a plane and collapsing as such. He mentioned the outer skin of the building being super strong and being the actual super structure of the building and saying there is no way a plane could have gone through them.

9/11 Live Footage

One thought on “Live Footage 9/11 Shocking What Was Said Then Quickly Hidden”
  1. At first I thought it was the bad guys driving planes into the towers and the Pentagon. My patriotic spirit was angry and I knew that somewhere in the world my son is going to war. He joins the Marines in 1999. He would serve in both Iraq and Afghanistan for a total of four tours… My son came home and my heart broke for the families that suffered the loss of their warriors… But I began to question the official narrative of the 911 and subsequent war. I never liked and never will like Alex Jones because he makes a fool of himself and everything is about him…? But people began to raise credible questions and I no longer accept the official story.. my son came to the same conclusion on his own and he saw things that made him question things.. I do not believe it was the ‘Jews ‘ and I do now believe that the federal government has been infiltrated beyond repair and has done the 911: and other things to make sure that they control everything..

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