Well I know why they want and need all that. This is so they can come to your house with a bunch of ass wipes, break down your door, and take what is not theirs. They are desperate for money. The Fed is closed and therefore no more printing of fiat crap money.

These people are on their last ropes. They are like a cornered badger. You need to treat them with intent and massive caution they will do what they can to wipe us out. They are still trying to wipe us all out. Biden is talking new pandemics as if they know it is coming, because they are going to cause another.

They want you on their new digital currency so they can control you. If you don’t get the clot shot, the killer shot, the vax, take the pill, sniff the medicine, get the sterilization shot you will be denied food, water, life, work, etc… This can be done all from a central place and their central currency will do this. You gotta understand this is not crypto.

Crypto is decentralized by nature. No one person or entity has control over these currencies. This is why they don’t want you to look at them and buy them. This is why they are destroying them in price. But if we as citizens decide they are screwed and screw them we just buy crypto and we take control over that instead.

So it is high time to stop falling for the fear. It is time to get your friends, family, and others to stop falling for the fear.

How Many Guns Does the IRS Have?

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