This nurse went through a horrific problem from the vax. Then she started seeing people with the same problems if not worse. She asked the patience on the sly about their vaccine status. The common denominator was the vax. She is a hero for standing up and telling the public and her patience about these problems and to not get another shot.

So she got the second because she was pressured or lose the job. It is your typical coercion and worse. That is Nuremberg Code violations.

She got the second dose of the vax and her pain was worse. She finally started to do her own research after telling other patience not to take anymore vaxes. She was so distraught about the situation and she tried to convince her fellow workers to not take the jab. They believed it was a fine vax because the government said it was safe.

Listen to her very carefully. She tells you the story of the entire roll out in Australia. It turns out to be a literal horror show. The hospitals and government lied to fulfill the depopulation agenda. Please listen carefully and make sure you tell others about this. Make sure you have people watch this no matter their thinking lefty, progressive, or conservative.

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