This time the processing plant closed by themselves because California is just out of it’s mind. It costs too much to do business in California. And now a pork processing plant has closed because of this very thing. I am sure you will see more and more companies leave that horrible state for this and other reasons. Space Ex and Tesla left already.

Are you ready to starve? I have suggested to friends and family to go and buy prepared food that are like the Army meals at the surplus stores. Or just go to a surplus store and get those meals. Canned food is great but the shelf life is pretty crappy compared to GREs. I also suggest getting loads of rice, noodles and other dried goods. I like the idea of having powdered meals like the AIG powder and such. They have tons of vitamins and such to keep you going for a more balanced meal. So basically learn how to provision as if you are going on a long sail or boat trip and apply to your house.

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