There are a few laws in the line of passing in several states to allow women to kill their children born live after 28 days (California, Maryland among a few), no questions asked. What the fuck that is murder clear and plane. After my blood stop boiling reading about this outlandish ideas and wants.

How the hell can these people really speak these things? How can these people think they can get away with these things? Oh because they have for decades been allowed to say these outlandish and crazy things. These same people are allowed and even encouraged to say and do these things by the MSM.

The MSM sets these people up for success by creating “articles” that point to “experts” stating this is a great idea. Then they have elites, I mean delites push the agenda as well. Then the MSM smashes the footage of the elites to make it look like these things are a great idea and they are perfectly fine.

Stop this from happening by pointing these terrible sick things out to the sheeple. The sheeple are so asleep that only a few good slaps to their face with reality will get them to start to think for themselves. This is the point in time where you, me, and everyone else reading this article has the power to sting the sheeple in the face with the reality of the depravity of the current bunch of politicians.

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