Government CorruptionGovernment Corruption

This is hilarious and good to finally have on record. This ass wipe admits the illegals are flown to places where the cities allow them to vote. This is such a nefarious sick way to stay in power. These people cheat and bribe people for votes. The illegals want to stay so this means they need to vote for these idiots to power in perpetuity.

We have reported for quite some time that the demonrats and RINOs have cheated for decades. They have been bribing and threatening black people to keep power by providing “help”. This help makes these people literal slaves to these policies.

How the hell is this allowed by law, oh because these people make it look like something else with double speak. This is unconscionable and seriously disgusting. The demonrats had to get rid of their KKK because it was flapping back at them.

So now they created two new KKK replacements BLM and Antifa. And th worst thing is that these people are paid 30 bucks an hour to behave like they do, by burning, looting, and murdering. These people all of them need to be removed from office and never allowed to have anything to do with government at any level. Their families are barred as well for two generations. And if they do not abide by these rules there will be instant jail sentences no exceptions or excuses period.

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