Imagine watching your child go from their normal to a decline in socializing. They withdraw and you try and figure out what is really going on. We have talked here extensively about how teachers groom children for sex, sex talk, and touching the FBI does the same with mentally unstable youth.

These sick bastards set these kids up for a fall by winding them up in certain ways. They probably get into their therapy information and even adjust the therapy and and drugs to make them more susceptible. The FBI either catches them at something they told them to do and look good or allow them to get away with a school shooting because someone needs to die or their kids need to die.

This is satanic type work. There is literally no one with an ounce of conscience would think of doing this. Let alone actually enact on these plans to their own benefit. These crimes are serious and should be elevated to crimes against humanity and thus have the death penalty, no exceptions period.

This is not the first time the FBI and CIA have been caught setting these things up. So this means there has been so very many we never knew or even know about. There is certainly many things in progress or ready to go so these people can create these mass shootings and school shootings so the guns can be taken away. Just think of the depravity of these people who just do these things like you and I go to the mall and grab a pair of jeans as we need them. Just that easy for them, very sick and horrific.

We should look back at the 150 plus events that happened during the Obummer administration. There has to be evidence in many places that points to these same people for the same goal is a gun grab. This is just nasty horrible and unimaginable plans in order to get these goals finished.

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