There have been many many many cases where Brain Dead Liberals have doxxed people they don’t want talking the truth of their hypocrisy. There is a brain dead liberal working as a “Reporter” for The Washington Post Taylor Lorenz who doxxed @libsoftiktok on TikTok. This persons personal information and picture was posted to the internet for threats and stalkers to harass this person.

This is so illegal. Many people in the past have gone to jail for this. Doxing people put them at risk of harm which includes murder. But since liberal and progressive stunts are all perfectly fine with everyone in the justice system means she will get away with this. This is absolutely not cool. If a conservative were to do this they would be in jail before the end of the day.

You know I think @libsoftiktok should sue the pants off her and the Washington Post for publishing her personal information. There is a bonus because it has put her in harm. Even after she sold her house she was followed to her new house. This is really scary for her and her family. What if Taylor’s address is put out there on the internet and she has a crime perpetrated against her or is threatened with a crime. Well guess what all the person(s) / organization(s) who gave this information out will be in big trouble and be prosecuted for their behavior. Now what about this libtard who works for a news paper?

‘Libs of Tik Tok’ Doxer Doesn’t Like the Billboard That Conservatives Just Put Up in Times Square

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