I find this outrageously hilarious. Liberals want so much to have this control over people they never want this “Plandemic” to be over.

The tears are poring out of these Brain Dead Liberals. Twitter bought by Musk and now their God and Savior Fauci says the pandemic is over. What a bunch of wastes of skin, no seriously. These people are a true waste of skin. They don’t deserve to be on this Earth.

The time and effort to deprogram them will be immense and beyond belief. I would love to have faith but man this seems so insurmountable in short period of time. I truly think we need deprogramming camps.

For me I am glad he is saying this. This means that riot season may not be on us in the near future. After all it is soon to be voting season and thus lock downs and riot season to be excused. Now that people don’t need to wear masks on planes these BLM and Antifa fucks cannot fly everywhere anonymously.

Liberals Furious At Dr. Fauci After He Declares COVID-19 Pandemic Phase ‘Over’

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