Deplorable Breaking News

A trans student went into a class and while the professor was speaking he asked a question. The professor politely answered Yes Sir. So the trans student to ld the professor he was trans and asked him to call him what ever stupid pronouns he wanted to be called. The professor stated politely that this is against his religion and he will not dpo such a thing.

This enraged the lefty brain dead liberal. He whipped up a frenzy at the school. This in turn made the school go to the professor and tell him he must talk to this person as such. He reiterated no not in my religion or belief system. The university fired him.

He sued the university and won. Now they must pay the judgment of 400k to the professor. What has been said about woke things, they always go to shit. Well universities around the world have been going to shit for decades. I think in the next little while these places will see what kind of repercussions will arise from the wokeness.

Ohio public university to pay $400,000 in damages after punishing professor over preferred pronoun controversy

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